Friday, July 29, 2011

Josef Bugman and Friends

For about 9 years Dwarfs flew under my gaming radar. It wasn't till last year when I was looking for a fast army with a minimal amount of models needed to play that I started collecting these hairy little drunks. In about  2 months I was able to get a 2,000 point army assembled and painted. So far I have a record of 3 wins and 5 loses with the little guys. My goal now is to make them into a more competitive list. Here is a list of the few additions I hope to finish by year end to get these guys back in the win column.

Josef Bugman (for the points he is one bad dude)
29 Rangers
30 Warriors
1 Runelord (to replace a proxy model)
1 Grudge Thrower plus 3 crew
5 Iron Breakers
5 Slayers
1 Gyrocopter

So this is the goal, get these models assembled and painted by year end. That is 76 models in 5 months..sure why not.

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